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youre a 10 and i look like im 10

I love them

I manage the hockey team at penn state Altoona. When I took the position I thought they were going to be a bunch of snobby rich kids who would ignore me all day. But instead they showed me that they have a special appreciation for not only their teammates but me and my fellow managers. Brian is an ass and can get on you last nerve but he’s always there when you need a good laugh or to talk serious. Steve keeps you laughing through the day. Jeff is the best captain a team could ask for and tanner is the baby. They make me smile every day. They wish you a happy birthday on your birthday and at 12. They make me feel like I have a brother every where that I turn a corner in the halls. I love them all more than words can explain and I wish all my sophomores the best of luck as they venture off to University Park and startup make their dreams come true. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the worlds

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